Virtue Hosted Telephony Service


Our hosted telephony utilises the latest cloud-based technology to provide schools and colleges with a cost effective, reliable, flexible and user-friendly communications system to maximise functionality whilst minimising costs.

Hosted telephony is the latest next generation technology – utilising, but more advanced than, standard VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony. The key difference being that the hosted system is linked to software and hardware stored within an offsite data centre, rather than linking to an on-premise central control unit (the physical box/server on the wall which standard VoIP telephony needs).

Key features

Cost Saving

Free calls to any phone on your network, across your school or trust

Low cost calls to non-IP phones

Low cost setup and initial outlay


Use your phone anywhere with an internet conection

Keep your existing numbers

Add users on any site as your network grows

Simple Management

Easy to set up – plug and play

Monthly itemised billing as standard

Web based management system


Supported from Virtue Engineers on our friendly Service Desk

Ongoing updates within the cloud

UK based infrastructure and services

How Many Lines do I Get?

Flexible, cost-effective and robust, our Hosted Telephony Service eliminates the need for traditional phone lines and the costs associated with them. Using the industry standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to control your VoIP calls, our service includes the ability to make concurrent outbound calls on every single extension whilst allowing for up to 10 incoming calls at a time. Options are available to increase the amount of incoming lines if required.

What's the call quality like?

As an Internet Service provider, we understand that the call quality of VoIP systems is dependent upon your broadband connection. We prioritise voice traffic across our entire network so as long as your broadband connection is provided by us and has sufficient bandwidth (approx. 1MB upload and 1MB download required for 10 concurrent calls) you will experience HD call quality exceeding that of traditional phone systems.

What about my phone and DDI numbers?

We’ll transfer your main school or college number into our service free of charge. Additional or DDI numbers are available as an option. We can also add non-geographical numbers and your fax number if required.

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