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A fresh perspective on interactivity

CTOUCH are a market-leading interactive display manufacturer. True innovators, they focus on designing and building large-format touch displays and interactive touch solutions.

With over 10 years' experience and market knowledge in touchscreen innovation, CTOUCH knows their technology enhances effective group collaboration and can enhance teaching by supporting kinesthetic, visual and auditory learners.


Years of Experience &
Market Knowledge in Touchscreen Innovation

Concessions on Quality with Maximum Flexibility, for Every CTOUCH Screen Made

Year Warranty Offered on Every CTOUCH Screen
Free of Charge

Years Partnering with Virtue
to Provide Unrivalled AV Solutions

We're proud to partner with CTOUCH because, like us, they're continuously future-focused.

CTOUCH invest in new technologies to produce future-oriented products that add true value to their (and our) customers. CTOUCH innovate in-house, enabling them to easily adapt to the latest technology and work with their partners to discover, develop, and deliver the best value for customers.

CTOUCH work closely with brands like Microsoft, Intel, Barco, Kickle, JBL and Zoom to ensure they're able to continually enhance and improve their screens. Not just at the time of purchase, but during the lifetime of the product. CTOUCH displays help to transform any classroom into a modern learning environment.

Engage. Enchant. Educate.

CTOUCH strive to deliver fun interactive education. Like us, they want students to experience a vibrant education that helps them craft 21st century skills.

We promote CTOUCH because they provide the flexibility of software, platforms and operating systems. It means your teachers can teach in a way that works for them. After all, you're the educators, you know best what your students need.

From gamification and hybrid learning to virtual classrooms CTOUCH can support it all because it's no longer a ‘trend’, it’s a reality.

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CTOUCH Brochures and Information


The Education Solution

This InVentry overview will highlight the system's key features, designed to keep your Infants & Juniors safe.


Product Info Brochure

This InVentry overview will highlight the system's key features, designed to keep your Infants & Juniors safe.


Technical Specifications

This InVentry overview will highlight the system's key features, designed to keep your Infants & Juniors safe.


CTouch Laser Sky

The CTOUCH Laser Sky combines adaptive touch technology, faster image processing and a room-filling audio system in one powerful and versatile touchscreen. The OPS PC slot means users can enjoy the flexibility of working in Windows or other working environments. We offer a 7 year warranty on all CTOUCH displays.

CTouch Laser Nova

The Laser Nova includes all the great features of the Laser Sky, but with the addition of Android 7. Also included is Wi-Fi connectivity and unlimited streaming from any Android, Windows and Apple device.

CTouch Laser Sky
CTouch Laser Nova

Key Features

  • Oktopus interactive software - CTOUCH displays are now bundled with Oktopus Interactive Software. Oktopus includes interactive teaching and presentation tools and is designed to make learning even more interactive
  • 80w JBL-powered audio - the CTOUCH Laser air+ features a room-filling 80w audio system, meaning your audience can experience optimal sound without the need for additional speakers
  • Adaptive touch - usage and annotation is easier than ever with touch technology that simulates natural hand writin
  • Over-the-air updates - Updates are just one click away, meaning you can always keep your display's firmware up to date
  • Long lifespan,with minimal maintenance - CTOUCH displays have a service life of more than 30,000 hours
  • Comprehensive 7 year warranty - All CTOUCH displays are supplied with a seven year on-site, next working day, de-installation/re-installation warranty

Download the brochure for further information.


Display sizes

55"UHD / 65"UHD / 75"UHD / 86"UHD


3840 x 2160

Multi-touch points

32 point touch

Display glass

4mm safety glass

Video input (digital): 3x HDMI 2.0, 1x DP 1.2
Video input (analog): 1x VGA
Audio input: 1x Mini Jack
Audio output: 1x S/PDIF Optical, 1x Mini Jack
USB: 4x USB 2.0
Touch: 2x USB-B
RS232C: 1x DB-9
LAN port: 1x RJ45 10/100/1000 Base

7 year warranty

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