What is Foldr?

Foldr is a multi-platform remote file access and sharing solution which can provide access to all regular network shares and personal home folders. Users can download files for use offline, send to third party apps for manipulation / editing, annotate and mark up documents providing graphical, textual or audio feedback and upload files, photos and videos back to their network.

Foldr works with iOS, Android, HTML5 web browsers and any WebDAV client.

Utilising your existing network accounts and storage, Foldr is a true plug-and-play solution. All communication with the Foldr server takes place over HTTPS/SSL so files remain encrypted in transit.

Foldr provides your network and servers with a whole new lease of life - simply, safely and securely.



Free Your Files

Foldr quickly turns your existing servers into on-premise cloud storage simply, safely and securely. No new accounts. No data to transfer. No fuss. There's no need to give your data and documents to an external company for "safe keeping". With Foldr your files stay on your servers.


Financial Sense

Foldr makes the most of your network and servers and is quick and easy to set up. Using your existing accounts and passwords saves precious support time. Hosting Foldr on site preserves network bandwidth. Foldr also helps to reduce printing when carrying out marking and peer assessments.

You won't need to put complex project plans in place or take up valuable administrative time to migrate to Foldr, it is a true plug-and-play solution which requires minimal outlay.


Forward Thinking

Students can use the same devices that they use every day to take pictures and video, make field notes and access learning resources whether in the classroom or on a field trip. Files are uploaded directly to your network and are immediately accessible across all devices.

Shared learning resources and networked hand-in areas makes it easy to set and collect work and help teachers and students to harness new technologies in education.

Foldr is a key application for the forward-thinking and connected school, your existing network, infinite new possibilities.


Feature Rich

Foldr provides secure, device agnostic access to shared learning resources, in-app editing of PDF documents, media streaming, shared files for easy distribution and favourite files ready for off-line use.

It is the ideal accompaniment for your secure servers and works with your data protection compliance policies whilst delivering all of the power and functionality of popular cloud-only services.

With new features in development all the time and provided with every new release, Foldr continues to evolve as a class-leading solution for providing VPN-less remote access to your network and resources both inside and outside of your school.

Foldr provides your network and servers with a whole new lease of life - simply, safely and securely

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