How can your school benefit from the DfE's Platform Provisioning Programme?

The Department for Education (DfE) recently announced a brand new ‘Platform Provisioning Programme’. The programme has been designed to provide additional funding to enable and support schools to move to a remote learning solution.

We can help you set-up and build a safe and secure Digital Education Platform which will provide a central assessment, collaboration and storage system for your learning environment. In reality, the benefits of adoption to your school or college will be evident long after lockdown.

We'd strongly advise you to take this opportunity to deploy Google for Education, it'll help you deliver the curriculum and encourage anywhere, any time learning. You'll be able to enhance remote learning and collaboration, now and in the future. It'll also enable your school to improve business continutity and be more prepared for unexpected and unprecidented future events.

Take a look at our Google for Education Partner page to see why it's the perfect platform for your school.

How can we, the Virtue Team, help?

As a Google for Education partner, Google have chosen Virtue to support them and the DFE in the delivery of the Platform Provisioning Programme, we're ideally placed to help your school transition to a Digital Education Platform, we can offer advice, support and guidance as well as carrying out the deployment.

We're a designated Google partner of the DfE scheme, we only work in the education sector and we've got 14 years of experience deploying solutions into learning environments like yours. If you're looking for an IT partner who can help you get started with Google, speak to us. We can provide a fully managed set-up of Google’s G Suite for Education and of Google Classroom services.

You're in safe hands, our team includes experts in data migration, they've worked on Cloud platforms, emails, servers and backup solutions. We've had 98% overall customer satisfaction for the last 2 years running and we understand education.

What's a Digital Education Platform?

It's an ecosystem of tools that enable students, teachers, administrators and even parents to access the resources they need for teaching and learning. By hosting a Digital Education Platform in the Cloud, you allow your school’s users to access what they need, when they need it, as long as they have an internet connection. They no longer have to be on-site to access resources that are relevant to them. This means students can learn where they want and still access their files and documents, teachers can share information and set homework and administrators can access critical data and information securely. The entire school can share information and communicate more openly and efficiently.

There are entire aspects of your school’s operation that could move to being run digitally. This in turn can increase your learning environment's efficiency and flexibility. It can also reduce your costs, because you'll be able to reduce your on-site hardware and the associated maintenance costs.

Where should our school start?

Virtue Technologies can support you at every stage of your Digital Education Platform adoption journey. We can advise on the best cloud platform for your school, help migrate your data from any existing platforms and provide you with ongoing support, consultancy and advice.

G Suite apps for Education

Platform Provisioning Programme FAQs

How do I access this funding for my School
or Multi-Academy Trust (MAT)?

First, you'll need to visit Google's portal and fill out this form for G Suite for Education and Google Classroom

Once you're in the portal, choose Virtue Technologies (page 2 of the form) as your partner so we're the ones who help you set up your Digital Education Platform.


When does the Platform Provisioning Programme open?

It's open now. The DFE’s Platform Provisioning Programme opened on Friday 24th April. The programme's end date hasn't been announced yet. However, we believe it's a temporary programme that was launched as a response to COVID-19, because schools have had to close or reduce pupil numbers on-site and implement a distance learning solution. Because no one's sure of the end date, we suggest you apply as soon as you can.

What will it cost the school?

It's cost neutral for you. The DfE is paying for partners like us to deliver the solution to you through this programme.The DFE will pay you, the school, directly and we'll then invoice you for the agreed set amount that the DFE are paying schools. (N.B. VAT will be claimed back by your School as usual).

If you decide you want us to do additional work on the solution, or wish to purchase devices like Chromebooks or laptops to support your new platform, this isn't included in the cost; but we can easily assist you with this after the project's completed.

DfE Platform Provisioning Programme eligibility

Can all schools and MATs apply?

Now the programme's open, schools and the bodies responsible for them can apply to the DfE. Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts can all apply for support.

The available fund is to support education institutions to get set-up on one of two free-to-use digital education platforms: G Suite for Education or Office 365 Education. The DfE programme only covers this, so don’t apply if you want to use a different platform.

It's only English state funded schools that are eligible to apply. This is because there's already environments setup in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Independent schools aren't eligible for funding either, however, you can still apply for support, you'll need to cover the costs yourselves though.

Our flow diagram explain this in more detail, but if you've got more questions about the eligibility criteria please visit the Key Portal which the government is using for this programme.

Why choose Virtue Technologies to help?

We've got over 14 years’ experience providing products and solutions to schools, colleges and multi-academy trusts across the UK. Our team support schools with their IT strategy and digital transformation from conception to implementation.

We're both a Google for Education partner and Microsoft Authorised Education Gold Partner. We've got the in-house expertise to enable secure access to appropriate applications, resources and teaching and learning content for staff and students, regardless of the device or location.

For schools using SIMS or Office 365, Virtue can also sync your existing usernames and passwords with Google to access G Suite services.

Create a hybrid Google, Microsoft solution to suit your needs

If you're still unsure or have questions, have a no obligation chat with us today.
We can discuss the long-term benefit's of this DfE programme and even walk you through the process of applying.

As a Google for Education Partner, How Can We Help You?

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