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Windows XP retirement: reminder, Java support has also now ended

July 8th

Originally posted on Sophos Blog:We may yet be accused of “going on” about the recent retirement of XP, but we feel justified in doing so as any systems you have that are still r…

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Student Advantage and Office 365 ProPlus FAQ

July 2nd

We’re often asked about how to enable editing on the Office Mobile apps for iOS and Android, by adding the Student Advantage license to your Office 365 Education plan, students can tak…

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Independent Tests Validate Meru 802.11ac AP832i as Fastest Wi-Fi in the Market

June 20th

High Performance tests validate Meru’s superiority with video, voice and data Today’s wireless LANs require higher performance to meet the demands of more users, carrying more de…

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Managing complex passwords

May 13th

So I was recently silly enough to suggest that people have a unique complex password for each website and account that they have. Since making this recommendation, a number of people have as…

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The ‘Heartbleed’ and what it means to our customers

April 28th

It has recently emerged that a major security flaw at the heart of the internet could be exposing internet users’ personal information and passwords to hackers. It is not clear how muc…

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