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Blippit IO PureCode Python – Offering schools a tech free easy entry into text based coding

May 18th

New for 2015, in response to schools’ demand linked to Computer Science, Blippit IO has this week announced the launch of its new product PureCode Python. PureCode Python allows studen…

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Common Security Pitfalls That Happen in Many Schools

March 26th

Sophos have identified some common security pitfalls that happen in many schools. Un-encrypted email Faulty Firewall Delinquent Web Filtering They may occur because people just aren’t …

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Ben Whittle’s Uber Computer Update – Cooling and Airflow

March 20th

Ben realised that as the Uber Computer is designed to be used in a bedroom where there is lots of dust, it is very important that all of the air intakes are filtered to prevent dust entering…

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Introducing Ben Whittle’s ‘Uber Computer’

February 27th

Ben Whittle, one of our Engineers here at Virtue Technologies, has been with us for just over 3 years. Amongst other things he has always had a passion for engineering and technology in gene…

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Considerations when Proxying & Filtering Https traffic

January 20th

To provide secure sessions between your users and websites that have sensitive information or require authentication, HTTPS encrypts web content between the website server and the user&rsquo…

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